Culture is one of the basic components of EU member states´ identity. During the EU Presidency, the Czech Republic will primarily focus on the implementation of the European Programme for Culture and the Working Plan for Culture for the period 2008 – 2010.

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The following issues are the key elements of Czech Presidency for the field of culture, audiovision and protection of intellectual property rights:

  • Support of access of civil society to culture, especially through the support of cultural heritage, cultural tourism, cooperation with artistic education and wider mobility in the field of culture.
  • Digitization of cultural content with the aim to preserve cultural heritage and to make it accessible through the European Digital Library. In this respect, the Czech Republic focuses on the creation of national strategies of digitizing, a national strategy of long-term preservation of digital documents and their realization.
  • Support of creativity as the year 2009 is the European year of Creativity and Innovations.
  • Support of the project "European Heritage Label".
  • Cultural goods protection: preventing the loss of cultural values, exchange of experience with individual countries as to the protection of cultural goods against criminal delicts within the system of European or international cooperation.
  • The issue of works of art confiscated from victims of the Holocaust.
  • Raising public awarness on the protection of intellectual property, especially in respect of copyright and rights related to copyright.
  • Cooperation, within the autority of the Ministry of Culture, in accomplishing the strategic EU document „Comprehensive European Anti-counterfeiting and Anti-piracy Plan“.
  • Implementation of the new directive on audio–visual media services.
  • Promotion of legal stability in the field of distribution of audio–visual content.
  • Media literacy: support of audio-visual services legal offers, combating piracy and impact of advertising.