Information on the number of clergy personnel of individual churches and religious societies can be found here as a time series (xls file, 27 kB).

Furthermore, the following file contains information on the total funds granted to churches and religious societies in a time series (xls file, 25 kB).  In the bottom part of this table, you can also find data on funds granted in past years for the purposes of flood recovery and investment projects financed through the Churches Department of the Ministry of Culture. In order to ensure an integrated approach to the preparation and control of all investment projects financed through the Ministry of Culture – regardless of the owners of the particular real estate – the financing of investment projects does not fall within the competence of the Churches Department, but rather within the competence of the Internal Administration Department, beginning in 2002.

For more details on financing individual churches and religious societies, see the more detailed year-by-year data on the financing of churches and religious societies (xls file, 55 kB).

Information on the particular use of funds for the purposes of maintenance of church property in each calendar year can be found in the annual reports published by the Ministry of Culture.

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