Support Programme for the Publication of Translations of Czech Literature Abroad

NOTICE! The Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic supports publication of translations of Czech literature abroad. New conditions, new application form. Deadlines for 2018: 15. 11. 2017, 15. 4. 2018.

Program podpory vydávání překladů původní české literatury v zahraničí

Support Programme for the Publication of Translations of Original Czech Literature Abroad

Programm zur Förderung der Publikation von Übersetzungen der Tschechischen Literatur im Ausland


Also available list of supported translations 2017 and bibliography of supported translations 1998–2016.

List of Supported Translations 2017_II

List of Supported Translations 2017

Bibliography of Supported Translations 1998-2016


Activities of the Literature and Libraries Division

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